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Grow Closer to God in 4 Easy Steps

You Need A Spiritual Reset If...

  • You're a chronic illness warrior
  • You're struggling with temptation & bad behaviors
  • You can't let go of past hurts
  • You're suffocating in the shame of past hurts
  • You're feeling restless — like something is missing
  • You feel hopeless & alone
  • You keep trying to do everything in your own strength
  • You don't understand the difference between knowing God & knowing about Him
  • You're exhausted from the challenges & trials in your life
Grow Closer to God in 4 Easy Steps

If you answered yes to any of those, I have great news!

I figured out how to...

➡️ grow closer to God

➡️ enjoy a fulfilled life, even when everything around you seems to be falling apart 

➡️ trust God to take care of the hard things in your life, instead of trying to control it all yourself

➡️ understand scripture when you aren't a Bible scholar

➡️ discover your purpose

➡️ hear God's guidance for you

...all without locking yourself away in a closet for hours on end!!!

This reset is amazing! I'm learning to give myself grace and understanding. In the past, I've gotten discouraged in a study because I thought I did it wrong if I wasn't immediately transformed. But as I proceed through this reset, a transformation is happening!

FOI Community Member

Welcome to Footprints of Inspiration. I'm Tammy Rotzoll

I know what it's like to suffocate in the pain of past hurts and sins. I understanding feeling alone and hopeless; certain you're doomed to live the rest of your life in pain. 

It was in one of the hardest time in my life when God met me and walked me through a spiritual reset. It was when He taught me that I'm not alone and that He had so much more planned for my life.

And He has so much planned for you too!

Whatever you have going on in your life, let me guide you through an oh-so-important spiritual reset, so you can get off the sidelines of your life and find that peace and fulfillment you're so desperately searching for.

Spending Time With God Doesn't Have to be Hard

I believe building a relationship with God, and uncovering a fulfilled life doesn't have to be hard!

In this reset, you'll learn how to...

  • Boldly communicate with God (no more wishy washy prayers!)
  • Practice solitude throughout the day (and it doesn't require locking yourself in a closet!)
  • Understand what the Bible means and how it's relevant in your life
  • Trust God and step out in faith to live the life He created you for

When I was praying yesterday morning, the truth hit me that I was actually talking to God, my Father who know everything!! When I talk to Him, it's not like talking to someone else who really isn't sure either. He has the answers and hears me!! It was truth that I've amen'd before, but yesterday the truth sunk in!! My spirit calmed and I would just praise Him and ask for help. 

FOI Community Member

Change Your Focus

Learn how to take the focus off your pain and challenges and find God and His blessings in the midst of them.

The Power of His Strength

Discover God's Strength & Power and learn how to gain His wisdom & discernment to get you through your tough times.

Discover God's Plan

Uncover God's will and desires for your life through prayer, scripture and devotional prompts.

Grow Closer to God through a Spiritual Reset

What's Inside


Pre Spiritual Assessment


Daily Scriptures to Study


Morning Devotional Prompts & Prayers


Evening Devotional Prompts & Prayers


Weekly Spiritual Assessment


Post Spiritual Assessment & Checklist

Nothing has changed, yet everything has changed! My schedule and life is the same, but my anxiety and depression have lifted! Thank you for this spiritual reset! It's changing my life!

FOI Community Member

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Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my Spiritual Journal?

The Spiritual Reset Journal is a digital product. I'll arrive in your inbox shortly after making your purchase.

What if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

It's important to me that you're satisfied with your purchase, so if you're not completely satisfied within 30 days of your purchase, you can receive a full refund.

What translations are used in this journal?

Translations used in the Spiritual Reset Journal are AMPC, GW, MSG, NIV, NLT and TPT. For more information regarding the translations, see our privacy and disclaimers. 

What if I don't have a printer?

If you don't have a home printer, you can send the file to your local office store to be printed. If you need permission due to copyright, simply send me an email at for a copy of the permission.

How can I bind the Spiritual Journal

That's the great thing about a downloadable printable! You have several options. You can punch holes and put it into a 3-ring binder or folder; or take it to your local office store and have them bind it for a small fee.

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