Stop Letting Worry Steal Your Happiness

Discover the freedom in surrendering your fears (without taking them back again)

Life's Circumstances Should Not Control Your Happiness

Feelings vs. Facts

I'm doomed to this life and will never be happy again

True and complete happiness does not come from a life free of troubles. It comes from God and living out that passion He created in you. When you turn your focus off your trials and put it on how you can best serve in His Kingdom, that's when you'll learn how to trust in God and find joy no matter what life throws at you.

I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, so God could never love me

God forgave you for your bad choices and past mistakes a long time ago. In fact, He knew every mistake you would make, every bad decision and STILL He chose to send His Son to die on that cross for you. God would never make this sacrifice for someone He didn't love!

I'm afraid God's Will for my life will hurt

Oh how painful life can be! The truth is, the only way for you to grow in life is by getting uncomfortable. As difficult as your trials may be, God will never waste them, and will ALWAYS bring something beautiful from the pain.

If I don't fix everything and everyone, it'll never be done right

We have no idea what tomorrow will bring and yet, we waste countless hours micro-managing every situation in our lives. There's so much freedom in letting go so that God can handle it in His big, beautiful way. 


I Choose Trust Bible Study

The help you need to identify your fears, break free of worry, and experience peace no matter what life throws at you!

Trusting God Is More Than Just 

Slapping A Verse On Your Worries

Knowing scripture and being comforted by them are two different things!

Ten years ago, our life was turned upside down when a migraine hit out of the blue. Little did we know that in that moment, our life had completely changed.

This one migraine turned into multiple migraines every week, lasting days and sometimes weeks on end. I missed more time at work than I care to count, causing an enormous strain on our finances. Our once active social life became nonexistent, and the stress of it all weighed on our marriage.

I spent days, and sometimes, weeks in bed. I was sick and exhausted and at the mercy of an illness I couldn't control.

This new normal seemed impossible. How could we pay the bills when I couldn't get to work? In the blink of an eye, I became an unreliable employee.

Worry doesn't take away tomorrow's troubles

When months turned into years, we lost all hope of ever returning to our "normal life." I was cut off from the outside world, having no idea how to fix our situation. I no longer recognized the person I'd become.

As if things couldn't get any worse, the weekly migraines turned into daily occurrences. Vertigo kept me tethered to my bed, forcing me to leave my job of 25 years, a job that I loved.

We quickly burned through our emergency fund, causing us to make hard decisions every week. Choices like, do we pay the utility bill so our electricity doesn't get cut off or make a car payment so we don't lose the car? Do we put gas in the car so we can get to work or buy groceries to put food on the table?

Sometimes you need to hurt in order to grow

I would lay in bed, too sick to move, beating myself up over everything this illness was taking from us.

I lost all hope of ever getting better, certain this is how the rest of our life would look. I was ready to give up, and frequently thought it would be better if God would take me so that I would no longer be a burden to my family and friends.

I was about as broken as I could be when God met me and urged me to lean into Him.

It was as if He grabbed me by the shoulders and said, "Hey Tam, remember me? You've been putting all your trust in yourself. You've been trying to control something you can't, and you're searching for your happiness in all the wrong places."

Though I began to trust God that day, I lost count of how many times I laid my pain at His feet, only to take it back again when things weren't happening as fast as I wanted or turning out the way I thought they should.

Holding On to hurt won't change the past quote. With roses and a Bible

But I've learned a lot in these trials. 

Wisdom is painful and downright hard, but God walked beside me in every difficult step. He carried me when I was too weak to bear the pain on my own. He corrected me when I refused to listen. 

When life stripped us of everything we knew and loved, God used our struggles to show that we had placed our trust and happiness in the wrong things. He taught us that it is possible to have both peace and pain at the very same time, and how His will for our lives is far better than anything we could've imagined for ourselves.

Inspirational quote with Bible

My friend, my circumstances have not changed. I still suffer from migraines every week. I have not gone back to work, but despite all that, our life is good! We live freer now than we ever have.

God showed me that not only could He use the broken person I'd become, but that He had this big, beautiful life planned for me.

I may not know your situation, but I do know pain. 

I know what it's like to live in fear of what the next emergency will bring. I know what it's like for worry to consume your every thought. I understand feeling completely helpless, with no end to your suffering in sight. I know what it's like to lay your worry at God's feet, only to take it back again.

But now that I've lived through some of the most painful years of my life, I also know that no matter how broken you feel, this is not the end of your story. I know that you truly can learn to thrive, even in the most difficult challenges in your life.

Here’s what others are saying...

I have struggled with this forever!  It’s easy to say “let things go” and “give it to God” but no one actually tells you HOW to do that.  I Choose Trust does.  It walks you through the action steps that teach you how to stop trying to control everything and give it to God instead.  And as an added bonus, I feel like my relationship with Him has increased tremendously.

Jennifer Daly | The Cancer Bomb

God must have known I needed this message now.  Through I Choose Trust,  I received permission to forgive, let go and get on with my life!  I’ve always made things more difficult since I never felt like I could do or be enough. The messages were real and through this study, I now have the tools to get me on a path to healing!

Barb Mourer | FOI Reader

Take A Closer Look...

Units, Lessons And What's Inside


Unit 1: Getting Right With God

Facing Your Fears | It's Not About You | There's A Difference | What Does It Mean  Who Is Your Master

In Unit 1, you'll identify your fears and work through an exercise to let them go. You'll discover why you were created and what having a relationship with God really means. You'll finish up by uncovering who you're really serving .


Unit 2: You're Not Alone

Satan's Most Effective Lie | The Power Behind Faith | It's Up To You

In Unit 2, you'll explore the lie keeping you from understanding who God is and who you are in Him. You'll learn how much faith is needed to transform your life, and what you must do to make it happen.


Unit 3: Insecurities

You Can't Change It | You Are Worth It | Right Where You Are | The Comparison Trap

Unit 3 addresses the insecurities in your life. From learning that there's nothing you can do to change God's love for you, to the lie that you aren't worthy of His love. You'll uncover the tools you need to be content and happy right where you are. 


Unit 4: The Road To Forgiveness

Free Yourself | The Price of Bitterness

Staying tied to your past mistakes is not at all how God wants you to live. In fact, not only has He forgiven you, but He let them go, never to look at them again! In Unit 4, you'll uncover the truth about your past and how to let it go. You'll learn how to free yourself from the bitterness of past hurts and finally learn how to forgive others for the pain they've caused you.


Unit 5: The Freedom In Letting Go

The Owner's Manual | A Lump Of Clay | The Pitfalls Of A Superhero

The Frightening Future

In Unit 5, you'll begin to break free from the need to fix everything and everyone around you. You'll discover the freedom in leaving your fears and worry at God's feet without taking them back again. You'll learn how to find peace even when you have no idea what the future holds.


Unit 6: When It Hurts

It's Not A Bad Word | But It Hurts | What Is This Suffering For | Calming The Storms

Unit 6 is all about the pain we live in every day. You'll gain an understanding of discipline and why it's crucial in your journey, and finish up by learning how to thrive in even the most difficult challenges in your life.


Unit 7: Pulling It All Together

Embrace The Moment | The Big Secret Revealed | Practice, Practice, Practice

In Unit 7 you'll uncover the secret to living a life without fear and worry. You'll learn how crucial it is to stay connected with God and what you can do to remain on solid ground, despite whatever life throws at you.


Everything You Need In One Study

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Written right into the study, the prayer journal offers a place to jot down notes, dive into scripture, and record your daily prayers.

You'll also receive worksheets for reflection, prayers for each lesson, with guidance every step of the way.

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Blank Prayer and Scripture Cards, Prayer Bookmark, Prayer Coloring Mandalas providing a deeper dive into the study, for an ever-lasting change in your life.

About Tammy

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She's on the writing team of Oh Wondrous Grace Magazine and has been featured on Women's Bible Study. 

Tammy is passionate about helping women live a joy filled life while going after their God given dreams.

She lives in Virginia with her husband, has two grown boys and loves a good cup of chai and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

Everything You Need To Put Your Trust In God 

No Matter What Life Brings

Through practical applications and biblical lessons, this self-paced study will help you take action against lies such as...

  • I'm doomed to live the rest of my life in pain
  • If I don't fix it, it'll never get done right
  • I'll never enjoy my life because there are too many things to worry about
  • If God loved me, He'd never allow this pain in my life
  • I've made too many mistakes for God to forgive me
  • I've made a lot of bad choices, so I don't deserve to be happy
  • There's no way I could ever forgive someone because of what they did to me
  • I'm alone in this world, with no one to help me out of the pain
  • There's too much evil in the world to ever feel peace
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