Grow Closer to God with monthly, bite-sized studies that provide clarity, community and spiritual nourishment, without the overwhelm.

You Want to Read the Bible, So...

Grow Your Faith Membership

You sit down to open it...

BUT have no idea where to begin.

Grow Your Faith Membership

You start reading...

BUT don't understand what it means, or how it's relevant in your life.

Grow Your Faith Membership

You've even tried other studies...

BUT they took up too much time and provided no accountability. So you threw it on that ever-growing pile on your bookshelf.

"Join a growing community of women who want to grow closer to God and live a peace-filled, purpose-filled life."

What if you could stop feeling overwhelmed about spending time with God and instead, start reading the Bible in easy-to-digest steps, develop a prayer life that helps you grow closer to God, and have a community of women to support you along the way?

Sound too good to be true?

Tammy Rotzoll with Footprints of Inspiration

I've believed in God my entire life, but I had no idea what it meant to have a relationship with Him.

I didn't know it was possible to enjoy a full life when everything around me was falling apart.

And when a chronic illness left me at rock-bottom, I lost all hope of ever feeling joy again.

I begged and pleaded with God to...

  • rescue me from the physical and emotional pain I was in.
  • help me from being such a burden to others.
  • save us from losing everything we owned (since I could no longer work).


That's Where God Met Me

and invited me into a relationship with Him.

It's when I began to see...


His Blessings

He'd given me blessings in the midst of my pain. I was just too broken to see them.



My circumstances didn't control my happiness, and the only lasting joy I could experience was through Him.



God wanted both physical and emotional healing for me. But I had to be open to receive it.

And It's When I Learned... order to experience a full life, I first had to have a relationship with Him. It's when I discovered that although nothing had changed, everything had changed! I was still experiencing 3-5 migraines every week, but I was starting to enjoy the heck out of life again! 

I Learned...


...that I can experience peace, even in the midst of some of the most painful times in my life.

Understanding Your Purpose


...that God had a purpose, even for someone as broken as me.

Unconditional Love

...that God loves me, even when I'm not very lovable.

And the Best Thing is...

...I now have an incredible relationship with God. And no matter how difficult life gets, I know without a doubt that He's got me.

Plus I get to mentor women just like you, and teach them how to forge and nurture a real relationship with Him!

Here's how!


Grow Your Faith Community

New Topical Bible Studies Every Month...

...that are relevant, and easy-to-digest to prevent overwhelm, and make it ridiculously easy to read in minutes. 

Monthly Live Q & A's... answer your questions and offer support and accountability along the way.

Monthly Supplemental Learning...

..that includes masterclasses and templates to give you a deeper understanding of the monthly lessons.

Weekly Co-Study Sessions... help you uncover the meaning of scripture and see how it applies to your life.

Monthly Bible Reading Plan.... you don't need to figure out where to begin.

Membership Vault... you have access to your materials and bonuses anytime, anywhere.


...from a growing community of women who are ready to pour into your spiritual life, without judgement.

Grow Your Faith Community Curriculum

Here’s what people are saying about Tammy

Grow Your Faith Membership

Christy McWilliams

She is a gift from God.

Tammy has been mentoring me in some way or fashion for the last 4 years. I have found her guidance in these years to be a foundational element in me achieving many accomplishments. Not only has she been a mentor but a friend, able to listen when needed, push at the right times, ask important questions, and give feedback and advice that have all been influential in my spiritual and business life. She has helped and seen me through building my blog from the ground, launching a course, and rough drafting a manuscript. Maybe I could have done these things without her but certainly not as well or within this timeframe. She is a gift from God that I am thankful for daily.

Grow Your Faith Community Testimonial

Tina Forrestel

I am whole again!

When I found Tammy’s community, Footprints of Inspiration, I was at a real crossroad in my life. I was confused, stressed and definitely uncertain about my future or the path I was meant to be on.  I transformed my fear into faith and where I once experienced responding in anger, impatience and self-pity, I found peace. The peace that truly only God can give. I forgot that God was with me the whole time. I needed to be reminded of His unfailing love and forgiveness. I learned to lean on God more than ever and have a deeper sense of trust.  I truly understand how Jesus forgave and still chose to love those who nailed him to the cross. This is the most empowering lesson I’ve learned in my life and I feel like I am armed to face whatever challenges are to come, because they will come. I have a renewed hope and faith and each morning, before I even get out of bed, I welcome the Holy Spirit into my day…every conversation, every situation, every obstacle I may face. I am whole again.

Grow Your Faith Community

Linda Veith

FOI Community Member

Tammy is real and sincere.

I just want to say that Tammy is real & sincere! When she is offering to pray & help & walk along with you she’s genuinely sincere and she does!! She REALLY does-it’s not an empty offer - I can tell you from personal experience! We’ve laughed, planned, shed tears, seen each on video chat with bad hair days & toothpaste and is so real. She’s become a trusted friend & is passionate about her relationship with her Father and helping others grow in theirs.


Who Doesn't Love a Bonus?

Bonus 1


JumpStart Online Bible Study
JumpStart Online Bible Study

Uncovering the 5 roadblocks keeping you from a peace-filled life.

Bonus 2


Spiritual Reset Action Plan
Spiritual Reset
Action Plan

Discover the keys of living a life of purpose and passion.

Bonus 3


Understanding the Mysteries of Scripture
Understanding the Mysteries of Scripture

Uncover the meaning of scripture like never before.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive the new studies?

All studies are available for immediate download, therefore, you'll receive nothing in the mail. At the beginning of every month, the new study will be uploaded to the membership vault.

What if I don't have a printer?

No problem! You don't need a printer. Simply read the study from your favorite device, and then record your thoughts and reflections in a prayer journal or notebook. 

Can I print the studies?

Absolutely! If you're like me and prefer to have a book in your hand, you can print them at home, at your local office store or one of my favorite (and cheapest) places to print is Lulu Express

What if I'm not happy with the membership?

Although I hope you'll enjoy the membership program, and give God an opportunity to work in your life, if you find it's not the right fit for you, you can cancel at anytime.

Where will monthly live Q & A's be held?

I'll go live in Facebook & Zoom every month to answer your questions and encourage you along the way. If you can't make it, you can catch it on the replay over in Facebook.

Where are the weekly co-study sessions held?

Our co-study sessions are a can't miss and are held inside Zoom. 

Footprints of Inspiration