Uncover the Secret to Peace in the Hard Times

Finding Peace in the Mess is for you if you're...

  • A chronic illness warrior.
  • Sitting in the guilt and shame of past mistakes.
  • Longing to find joy in your life again.
  • Suffocating in the pain of past hurts.
  • Feeling hopeless and alone.
  • Feeling like there's no way out of the pain.
  • Exhausted from the constant struggles in your life.
  • Craving a deeper relationship with God.

Introducing Finding Peace In The Mess

30-Day Devotional & Prayer Journal

Finding Peace in the Mess 30-Day Devotional & Prayer Journal
Finding Peace in the Mess on Kindle
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Finding Peace in the Mess 30-Day Devotional & Prayer Journal

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Very good study!! It is insisting with verses to help you study God's Word. It has helped me, both spiritually and mentally, to cope with the day to day as we battle life's challenges. 

M. Handt

What You'll Find Inside

  • 30-days of thought provoking devotionals
  • Dedicated scriptures with each lesson
  • Prayer journal - A place to record your favorite scriptures, what resonates with you each day, and for writing your prayers to help you better connect with God in your journey.
  • Written with your hectic schedule in mind.

Through Daily Readings, You Will...

  • Forge a relationship with God.
  • Find freedom from hurt, worry, and self-doubt.
  • Learn how to put your complete trust in Him.
  • Learn how to experience peace and pain at the very same time.

A great devotional for starting your day

An easy to read devotional with a simple (but not simplistic) thought for each day. Perfect for focusing your mind each morning.

A. Christenson

I Understand How Hard Life Is

Tammy Rotzoll from Footprints of Inspiration

Hi, I'm Tammy

I believed in God my entire life, but I had no idea there was a difference between knowing about Him and actually having a relationship with Him. 

So when a chronic illness brought me to my knees physically, emotionally, and financially, I had no hope of ever enjoying life again.

I was in bed far more than I wasn't, and had to leave a job I loved. 

I had no strength, energy, or desire to keep going. 

But when I found myself face down in the pit of the pain, God met me.

He taught me that despite everything I was going through, I could still find true and complete peace in Him.

I could still enjoy life, even when everything around me was falling apart.

Through my journey, I've learned how to stop worrying, and put my trust in Him. 

And you, too, can enjoy the heck out of life — even in the midst of the mess.

A daily blessing

I really enjoyed this book and found comfort in Tammy's words, insights and scripture for a deeper look. This devotional is set up with a short dose of encouragement and several scriptures you can go to for a deeper understanding. I got this book at just the perfect time!

Becki Svare A Book Lover's Adventure

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Journal Prompts, Scripture Cards & War Room Printables

(Included with the printable e-book)

Finding Peace in the Mess 30-Day Devotional & Prayer Journal

What People Are Saying

Timberley Gray


Love, love, love, this devotional. If you struggle with spending some quiet time with God, this 30-devotional will get you a nice jump start. Each day is filled with a thought provoking truth that inspires you to draw closer to Him in the MESS.

Christy Lynn Beck

Just What My Soul Needed

Our family had just moved, I stopped working and was staying home for the first time. My husband was starting a new job, and we just introduced Baby #3 in four years!!! I felt like I had lost my identity. I was a MESS!!! This devotional jump started my journey to Peace!!! I cried, laughed, got angry and felt peace for the first time in a long time! This devotional was just what my soul needed!

Deb Schroeder

The Perfect Balance

Author, Tammy Rotzoll, understands how important it is to turn to the Lord in a time of struggle and in the mess! She also knows that during these difficult journeys, our time can be limited and our ability to focus an additional challenge. She answered that with the perfect balance in her 30 day devotional that encourages you to hope. Each day is a small devotional with a bible verse. And, she includes a section entitled, A Deeper Look. Here you can go back and read additional bible verses to help you draw into the Lord. I also love that in the devotional is included small, practical things you can do each day to focus on the Lord.



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what if I'm not satisfied with my purchase

It's important to me that you are satisfied with your purchase. Therefore, after you have worked through all 30-days of your devotional, if you don't experience a closer relationship with God and begin to experience peace in those incredibly hard times, email me at tammy@footprintsofinspiration.com so I can give you a refund.


Absolutely you can! Simply order the amount you need from Amazon.

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