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Turning your dr​​​​eams into actionable steps

Identify your dreams and goals. . . 

Learn how to identify your dreams and goals and turn them into a reality with an easy, step-by-step action plan.

Effectively schedule your day. . .

Learn how to easily schedule your days to help achieve your goals, even in the midst of your hectic, everyday tasks.

"You didn't wake up today to be mediocre."

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Hi, I'm Tammy!

I'm completely honored that you're considering the Conquering Your Goals E-Course. As founder and owner of Footprints of Inspiration, I'm extremely passionate about helping women turn their God-given dreams and goals into a reality and learn to live a life they can be proud of.

I know what it's like to see others living their dreams while spending my days simply going through the motions and not living the life I wanted, but I found out firsthand what happens when you learn to schedule your day with your goals in mind and how incredible life feels when you actually achieve them .

I created the Conquering Your Goals E-Course to help women take their dreams, turn them into a reality and start living a life they love.

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What You'll Find Inside

  •   Learn how to pin-point your goals.   Whether your dream is to spend time traveling around the country or get that bonus room organized, you'll learn how to pin-point your goals.
  •   How to design and make a vision board. Posting your goals front and center will keep you motivated and always striving towards your goals. Learn how to design and create a vision board that actually works.
  •   Effectively schedule your day. Learn how to effectively schedule your days and live intentionally to achieve the dreams and goals you have for yourself.



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